Updates on our work

Sustainably Transforming Lives Through Health Care
Taking the Fight against TB to the Community through Schools
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Child-Friendly TB Medicines Now Available in Kenya
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What it takes to achieve zero TB in Kenya
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Don’t ignore that persistent cough…get tested! It could be TB!
No One Should Die of TB in the 21st Century
Anyone Can Get TB…but it is Preventable, Treatable and Curable!
Kenya Adopts New Technology in Fight Against TB
How Students are Contributing towards the Fight Against TB in Kenya
CHS Support to Central Kenya Counties
National TB Prevalence Survey Process
GeneXpert Tech to Enhance TB Diagnosis
CHS Adherence, Psychosocial Support and Community Peer Education Program
CHS Residential Mentorship Programme: Muranga District Hospital
CHS Community Health Support for HIV Care and Treatment
CHS Documentary – Our Solutions in 2012