First CDC Support Supervision Visit to CHS-Supported Health Facilities in Siaya



Health facilities offering HIV care and treatment services in Siaya County are delivering exceptionally high quality services to their clients, according to the latest Site Improvement through Monitoring Systems (SIMS) assessment.

An assessment score in the 90th percentile was recorded for most of the nineteen health facilities picked at random across the six sub-counties of this high burden county; a rating that demonstrates exceptionally high standards being achieved in the delivery of HIV care and treatment services across the county.

SIMS site assessments are carried out every quarter as a requirement for all health facilities that receive funds from the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). These assessments aim to increase the impact of their programs on the HIV epidemic through standardised monitoring of the quality of PEPFAR support at the site level (e.g. health facility, ward, district, etc.), focusing on key program area elements.

CHS currently receives funding from PEPFAR through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to implement a five-year HIV prevention, care and treatment program in Siaya County. This program is in line with PEPFAR’s global strategy of achieving HIV epidemic control.

Teams from CDC, together with CHS and respective health facility staff carried out this assessment.

SIMS aims to systematise and broaden ongoing PEPFAR site monitoring processes and improve documentation through administration of standard tools that assess adherence to PEPFAR standards of care and service delivery, as well as within entities that support and guide service delivery.

At the end of each visit, the visited health facility teams have an opportunity to receive feedback from the CDC supervisors aimed at increasing the quality of their service delivery.

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