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The TEGEMEZA Project period ended in March 2017. Below are key highlights from the implementation of the project.


Tegemeza Project Highlights

HIV Testing Services

  • 1,590,054 people tested (128%)
  • 29,706 people living with HIV identified including 2,065 children


HIV Care and Treatment

  • 23,349 (89%) adults and children (21,174 adults and 2,175 children) living with HIV initiated on antiretroviral therapy
    • 34,087 people living with HIV active on antiretroviral therapy
    • 100% of TB patients testing positive for HIV initiated on ART
    • 87% of people living with HIV placed on Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT) to protect them from developing Tuberculosis

Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV

  • 260,310 pregnant women tested for HIV
  • 9,521 pregnant women with HIV identified
  • 7,981 pregnant women with HIV provided with antiretroviral therapy
  • 7,077 infants provided with antiretroviral therapy


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