Our Vision

A world of healthy families through universal access to health interventions and services

Our Mission

To optimize delivery and use of health interventions to communities through evidence-informed solutions, innovations and research to address existing and emerging public health needs


Centre for Health Solutions – Kenya (CHS) is an indigenous, not-for-profit organisation with in-depth understanding of the local context, utilising local expertise and strategic partnerships to ensure the implementation of evidence informed solutions and interventions to existing and emerging public health concerns.

Working across Kenya, CHS is committed to improving health outcomes in line with national and international public health priorities.

Deliver accessible, cost-effective and quality preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health interventions and to strengthen health systems for a healthy population. Further strengthen the position of CHS as the preferred partner for health solutions in Kenya and the region.
Identify and explore opportunities for CHS to grow its business through attracting increased and diversified funding sources. Position human capital as a strategic pillar towards advancing organisational growth and performance.
Grow the capacity of CHS in operations research, implementation science and health evaluations, and to utilise evidence to inform public health policy and practice. Ensure efficient, effective and economic allocation and utilisation of CHS resources.
  • Mr William Maema
  • Dr Richard Ayah – Chair
  • CHS Board Member Mr Coutts Otolo Mr Coutts Otolo
  • Mr George Waititu
  • Dr Jacquin Kataka Dr Jacquin Kataka
  • Dr Mutugi M’Muriithi
  • Dr Prisca Muange
  • Dr Paul Wekesa
  • George Odondi
  • Dr Brenda Nyambura Mungai
  • Dr Peter Rumunyu
  • Janice Njoroge Janice Njoroge
  • Nyambura Mbugua